Virtual Assistant: New Online Business Idea

There are countless online business ideas out there. While there is no single internet business idea that is great for everyone, there is one new idea that is very interesting and very useful for people. It is called the virtual assistant. This online business idea has become something that is incredibly useful for internet business owners.It is obvious what an assistant does for a business owner. This person works for another business owner that has a lot of responsibility, keeping things organized and doing whatever is needed to keep the business running smoothly. This person always has to have organizational skills, a good memory and often good customer service skills. They usually make fairly good money doing whatever the owner needs to do.The creation of online businesses today has grown greatly. Today, many owners choose to keep all of their work strictly online instead of even going into the office. This saves them time and money and allows them to work on a more flexible schedule. And with a global society and economy, this is pretty much a necessity in many areas of business. It is becoming a very popular method of doing business and allows more people to become business owners.Of course, even a web business is a business still, with all of the needs of a regular business. And business owners still have some odds and ends that can be wrapped up by someone else because they just don’t always have the time to do everything that is needed. They still need assistants to do these things or they would be working around the clock doing small things instead of making large business decisions and communicating with new customers. This is where the idea of the virtual assistant came in as a great web business idea.A virtual assistant is a great business idea for many people to take up. They can assist one an owner or run a company assisting many owners. They can either do this all on their own or hire a team of assistants to lend out for various owners when needed.This type of business and the virtual assistant have become very valuable for business owners. They provide the internet business owner with the extra services needed. These individuals have the qualifications and knowledge to do a wide range of activities online, and they also have the resources to do them. Online business owners depend on them often if there is a lot of work to be done so that they don’t have to do it all alone.This internet business idea has become a very valuable one for many online business owners. Virtual assistants get paid a very good amount of money, just like a regular business assistant. Of course, they have to have the same eye for detail and organizational skills as a regular assistant. But, they of course don’t have to bring the coffee to their boss every morning.

Time to Spend Or Save? Mixed Messages From the World of Finance

During these tough economic times many of are us are paying more and more attention to financial news and financial advise from experts. Yet, we often still feel lost. Why? Often we’re getting mixed messages. Mixed may be putting it lightly. Sometimes the advice is down right conflicting.Here’s an example:The Wall Street Journal ran a story one day titled “Leverage, Baby!” that encouraged more and not less debt.The next day U.S. News & World Report ran “How to Plan for a Double-Dip Recession” and the advice? Pay off debts as quickly as you can. On one side we’re being encouraged to spend more to avoid a further recession and on the other side we’re told to buckle down and lessen debt to prepare for an even worse recession to come. What’s a consumer to do?Let’s look at each position and argument more closely to see to whom and when each applies.The advice in the Wall Street Journal article “Leverage, Baby!” is targeted to “sophisticated, disciplined investors who have lived and invested within their means.” Christopher Jones, a New York financial planner with high-net-worth clients says,” “Most important, there’s nothing inherently wrong with leverage, or borrowed money.”This advice applies to people who understand and have the capacity to take on debt and can tolerate the risk. For these people “Now is an ideal time to leverage cheap dollars to buy into areas that can produce much higher returns over the longer term,” Jones says. Especially with mortgages at 4.9% this may be the time to buy or refinance.The news from the US & World Report about another recession is likely not a “the sky is falling” cry. Although some analysts, like Moody’s say there’s just a 23% chance that we’ll be in a recession six months from now, others don’t agree. There are several signs that illustrate the likelihood that we could have a double dip recession.
We’re likely to see a negative impact here from the debt problems of Europe in countries like Greece, Spain and Italy.
Increasing federal debt seems to be making investors wary.
The housing crisis hasn’t seen the light at the end of the tunnel.
Government stimulus package spending is slowly trickling to an end.So for those of us who don’t fall under the disciplined investors with room for risk category, what can we do to make ourselves more recession proof?Turn “savings” into real “savings.” What does this mean? Often we say we “saved” dollars by using a buy one get one free coupon at a restaurant or we’re told that we “saved” dollars when we use coupons at the grocery store. To turn savings into real savings we have to actually put it into savings, no matter how small the amount. Otherwise our savings really just means delayed spending money that is spent somewhere else.Practice patience. A low interest rate still isn’t a deal if you can’t make the payments months from now. Put off making new purchases like furniture or vehicles if things are already tight and the future is so unpredictable.Keep liquid money. Staying liquid means keeping some money easily accessible if times do become bad. Don’t have everything tied up in stocks, bonds, investments, or mutual funds where it could be at risk or would take too long to access if needed during a further recession.One up your education. Now may be the time to get a degree, certification or licensure to be ahead of the games when companies do start hiring again.Start a side job. If you are always needing a little more money, consider starting something on the side. Whether it’s summer lawn car, selling on eBay, offering summer child care or tutoring or finally taking some of your handmade hobbies to a community show, a side job may help you make ends meet and be a saving grace if things get worse.Consider these 5 tips to keep yourself protected from a further recession. Applied all together, they may just help you keep a handle on “what’s in your wallet”.

Facebook Advertising – Targeting Like A Sniper

Facebook advertising is in full effect right now. Log in to your account and you will be startled at how accurate some of the ads are. If you don’t have a partner or if you look up certain things, Facebook advertising knows. This is great for advertisers as you can target by more specific criteria than ever before and split test until you have the perfect campaign.How Do I Know If Facebook Advertising Is For Me?Facebook advertising PPC is incredibly powerful, and there are many ways you can approach it. There are the paid ads and then there is the free method. Just like in Google, you have the paid results (AdWords) and the organic results (Search Engine Results Pages).Organic Facebook AdvertisingOrganic basically means that you don’t pay for your traffic directly. Obviously there is no such thing as completely free so you will still have to pay for it in some way, however, you don’t pay a certain price per click or per impression. Here is an overview of organic Facebook advertising.1. Setting Up a Fan Page or Profile. If you have a product or service you can set up a Facebook fan page for free. On this page you can put anything from videos to sales copy, product information, a link to your website, or sell straight off the page.2. Get Traffic To Your Page. This is the tricky part that a lot of people new to the internet or to marketing forget. Once you have the page setup, somehow you have to get traffic to it to see your awesome page and Facebook advertising information. There are so many ways of getting traffic, but they all include putting a link somewhere on the internet that you hope people will click on to get to your page. Again, there are millions of places where you can put your links; however some places will help you more than others. This requires a lot of manual work; writing articles, blog comments, forum posts, messaging possible customers or other time consuming task, well worth it however, if you are looking for longevity in your business.Paid Facebook AdvertisingPaid Facebook advertising is where the serious players are and is where you should go if you have a budget for advertising. These can be the ads that pop up on the side or the ones that appear in the news feed. There are many reasons why this is such a good way to advertise, but it does cost. This is just another advertising platform like Google and Yahoo or any other ways of buying traffic, and using this method comes with many advantages.1. Targeting Like A Sniper. With Facebook advertising, you can hone in on your exact customer, just like a sniper would hone in on his target. Facebook advertising PPC enables you to target by age, gender, likes, education, religion, ethnicity and a host of other variables. This is the type of targeting that most advertisers only dream of.2. Pay For What You Want. If you are just starting a new product or website and you don’t have the deep pockets of Saatchi & Saatchi, you can buy as little traffic as you want. If you are just testing out a new product or website to see if you can make some money, Facebook advertising is a great way to go. You can buy some traffic for $20, track it and see how it performs, and then make a decision to either change your offer slightly or try something else.3. Get In Your Customer’s Head. When a user is scrolling through their Facebook account, they are in a state of high concentration (although you might not believe it). This is something of an addiction for a lot of people and they are in a sort of trance, similar to television viewing. When your customer is in a altered state such as this, it is the perfect time to pitch your message to them. They will be online for a while and often don’t set a time limit for Facebook. You can see what your customer likes and set your campaign accordingly.4. Make Instant Business Decisions. If you are planning on using SEO or organic Facebook methods, it can be months before you have any data or traffic to make decisions from. Using paid Face Book advertising gives you the ability to buy some traffic who are already hot prospects, send them to your offer and see what happens. In 20 minutes you could already have sent 100 people to your offer, have the data and either change your offer, move on, or if you are making money, scale it up and bank some serious profits.Many people are afraid of paid advertising because it seems like wasting money. This is a narrow understanding of the process of investing in your business and is not valid in the marketing world. Every single thing you do toward your business costs you your time or your money. If you are out there writing articles, blog commenting and forum posting, you are spending your time. If your time is $25 per hour, you could have worked for one hour and then sent that $25 of traffic to your offer and you can have some instant feedback instead of waiting months to see if an offer converts.Facebook Advertising PPC -Say Yes To 1 Billion Customers
Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click) is a truly effective marketing strategy that you should take the time to learn how to use correctly so you can get your business into profit quickly. With over 900 million users in all countries, it seems absurd not to use this platform to target your ideal customer. The staggering amount of information you can use to mark your demographics means that even a local builder in the nail polish industry can use Facebook advertising to attract customers.The Key Here Is Learning To Use Facebook Marketing Correctly. If You Are Ready To Get Started With Your Advertising Efforts Then Let’s Get You Some Training That Will Turn You Into An EXPERT In Facebook Advertising Today!